Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Whatever you think of Jobsite.....

No matter what you think of Jobsite and what it has done to the recruitment industry with inflated prices and their CV database being sold to direct employers etc

I cant help but like some of their staff, particularly Felix Wetzel, their Marketing Director. I have now shared a stage with him twice on the Recruitment Consultant IT and Technology Conference (London and Manchester) and both times I have come away learning stuff.

Today was no exception and I would urge you all to read his blog on the story of sponsoring a Premiership football team.

The thing that interests me most is Pixal Tagging or Web Beacons and what it does is really quite clever but scary really.

So go to Jobsite and search for a Job, I did a Project Accountant and look at the Job then go somewhere else. I went to Portsmouth FC as they need all the help they can get! And then I got served an advert for a Demand Forecast Analyst (what ever that is!) but it is an accountancy job on about the same salary!

This is the same area as Facebook had issues with but it is all very very clever

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